• Remove all garbage.  Take home, to dump, or use dumpsters at Scout Camp.  Island Park Dump passes on nail in Kitchen. 
  • Empty water from tea kettle, bathroom, and the bucket under the kitchen sink.
  • Sweep floors, mop kitchen and bathroom, and shake throw rugs.  
  • Remove food from refrigerator and clean shelves and wipe countertops.
  • Cover mattresses and pillows.
  • Make sure fire pit ashes are cold, cover with metal plates.  Remove ashes from fireplace and wood stove.  Leave sufficient wood for next visitor.  Chain saw and axes in shed.  Tools belong to cabin. PLEASE DON’T TAKE TOOLS HOME.
  • Clean toilet and urinal in outhouse.
  • Close and lock shutters.  Kitchen door, bathroom window, dining room window and large living room shutter require bolts and nuts.  DON’T OVER-TIGHTEN!
  • Lock cabin.
  • Turn-off propane at propane tank and lock propane tank.
  • Turn-off gas on generator and place in shed.

NOTE:  Turn generator off by shutting off gas, letting generator quit when the gas stops running to the engine.  Honda is famous for leaking gas through the cylinders to oil sump when only using the on/off switch.   PLEASE LEAVE GAS IN SHED AND/OR GENERATOR WITH A FULL-TANK.


  • Place poles around inside of porch at strategic locations noted on the ceiling logs.  Use wood shingles as shims to tighten poles in place.
  • Place metal screen protectors around porch and screen doors.