• Unlock Outhouse Door
  • Unlock Shed and remove portable generator from shed.  
    • Plug black wire (2 male connectors)  into generator and outlets in shed
    • If you desire light in outhouse, plug green wire hanging on tree into generator.
    • Turn gas on.
    • Make sure on/off switch is in ON position.
    • Pull on choke.
    • Pull cord.
    • When generator running, turn off choke.

NOTE:  Turn generator off by shutting off gas, letting generator quit when the gas stops running to the engine.  Honda is famous for leaking gas through the cylinders to oil sump when only using the on/off switch.

  • Turn-on propane at propane tank.
  • Open shutters and kitchen door.  

NOTE:  The large shutter over the living room window requires two people to open.  It is heavy.  Watch to avoid pinched fingers when opening and closing.

  • Light refrigerator
    • Open door at bottom of frig
    • Push button and hold match and light pilot light (end of small tube).
    • Frig requires pilot to stay lit for a period of time before main burner ignites.  Recommend using a vice grips to hold button in until burner lights.
  • Using the Deep Well
    • Flip switch in shed where wire connects generator to shed outlet.
    • The switch to turn pump on/off is in the electrical box by the well.
    • Electrical box also has a regular outlet.

NOTE:   Until we drill a new well, this well only has sufficient water for short periods.  Make sure to turn-off the pump if the well runs dry.  It will recharge after a few hours.  THIS IS WATER IS NOT TESTED FOR DRINKING.  RECOMMEND ONLY USING FOR WASHING AND COOKING.